The art of Ceramics

The art of CeramicsThe art of CeramicsThe art of CeramicsThe art of Ceramics

The art of ceramics is a 12.000 years tradition that passes from generation to generation. Ceramics have been used for the maintenance of foods, oil and wine as well as for the decoration of the Minoan Palace.

The materials that we use for their manufacture are earth and water. There are not different ways of making them. The only that differs is the form and the size that we give to each one.

We mix the materials and we work with them until the mud reaches in a point that could be worked. We place the mud in a wheel and with our hands we slowly-slowly give the form and the size that we want the object to have. After we finish we leave them to dry, not to have water, not to have humidity at all.

Afterwards we are going to bake them. This process is most important and take place in special ovens. We leave the products for about 14 hours in a temperature of about 1080 Celsius degrees.

After the baking we must leave the object to cool for another 14 hours at least.

In the end we should fill them with water and leave them for at least 24 hours.

The all process (provided that it becomes rightly) gives to the objects a resistance in per year and in bad meteorological as well as in high and low temperatures.

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